We offer a fully HIPAA compliant medical transcription service that assures high confidentiality. As your business associates, we maintain the highest level of confidentiality that is required. All confidential data is encrypted before transfer. We are fully committed to our clients and understand the concern they have regarding these issues. Acu Trans has introduced detailed procedures and systems to ensure that Protected Health Information (PHI) is used and disclosed in accordance with HIPAA rules and regulations. In an effort to maintain the utmost security and protection of your medical data, Acu Trans has taken the following steps to ensure Privacy and HIPAA compliance:

File Encryption:
All audio and Text files are protected by 1024 bit encryption. All use of the application is forced to occur using this secure, HTTPS protocol (SSL - secure socket layer) with 1024-bit encryption strength. Attempts to access the application without SSL are aborted.

Passwords and Usernames:
To access any data in the Acu Trans system, a valid username and password is required. All voice and text files are routed through our central data center to ensure privacy, integrity, and reliability.

Audit Trail:
Each file is monitored electronically by our audit trail. Each time a file is accessed the event is recorded (IP address, user id, date, time, elapsed time of event).

Additional Security

Non-Disclosure Agreements:
All Acu Trans employees sign our comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreement. Further, each empoloyee is equipped with our HIPAA procedures manual.

Limited Access Capabilities:
Acu Trans Transcriptionists have no ability to view or save documents other than on our secure, audited server. No Acu Trans workstations have floppy disk drives or cd burners. Our fire wall blocks access to any internet site other than select medical terminology sites.

IP Addresses & File Tracking:
Acu Trans limits which IP addresses can login to the system and view files. Administrators are also trained to audit the transcription process to insure that your records are always secure.