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Acu Trans Solutions is a professionally managed Medical Transcription Service company maintaining very high standards in providing medical transcription services to US clinics and hospitals. We are experts in the field of medical transcription and management of Workers’ Compensation Reports (both defense and applicant). Acu Trans Solutions is an innovative company comprised of top quality medical transcriptionists and technicians providing medical transcriptions worldwide. We produce approximately 5,000 Workers’ medical transcription Compensation reports per month. We can access your EHR Software, and post the medical transcriptions directly to them. We offer tailor made medical transcription solutions depending upon the needs and size of your practice.

About Us

Acu Trans Solutions is a medical transcription service company with registered office in Irvine, CA that provides a high quality, quick-turnaround, and extremely competitively priced medical transcription service to Workers Compensation clinics in the Medical Transcription Industry. Acu Trans Solutions gives the medical field a complete transcription solution.

We provide a HIPAA compliant platform that utilizes the most advanced internet technologies to integrate a skilled workforce of medical transcribers into a full Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service. We create new efficiencies that save medical transcriptions time and money. Acu Trans Solutions is your medical transcription answer, distinguishing itself through proven quality, price, deliverability, simplicity of use, and the most advanced file management system available.

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Our Services

Medical Records Summaries and Reviews

Acu Trans Solutions Medical Record Summaries, Reviews and Abstractions are tailored to give you the accurate and refined information that you need.

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Medical Transcription Services

Acu Trans Solution’s Remote Assistants have the ability to transcribe accurate, secure dictations and chart notes within 12 hours and often expedited timeframe.

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Deposition Summaries

We have been accurately summarizing deposition transcripts with a 99% error free accuracy rate since 2006. Acu Trans Solutions provides concise summaries that extract.

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EHR/EMR Transcription

In a recent study conducted for Johns Hopkins, physicians who were utilizing EMR/EHR for documentation met with patients only 12% of their day and spent only eight minutes per patient.

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Medical Histories

Acu Trans Solutions will provide accurate, relevant and detailed medical histories in an easy to read digital or hard copy dossier that will give you the information.

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Data Entry

Keep your databases current with automated services from Acu Trans Solutions. Let our team of professionals routinely document your notes, data, transcriptions.

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DFR/ PR2/RFA Transcription

Acu Trans solutions provides doctors with a standard template which you will fill out at the time of seeing the patient. You will not need to dictate those findings.

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Family Practice Transcription

Family practice medical transcription services are critical for providing the information primary care physicians need to provide care for the whole family.

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