1. Medical Records Summaries and Reviews

Acu Trans Solutions records Medical Transcripts and Medical Record Summaries, Indexing, Reviews and Abstractions are tailored to give you the accurate and refined information that you need. Healthcare providers and insurance companies, have discovered that our medical professionals deliver highly relevant extracted information efficiently and reliably.

We deliver clear and condensed information from patient’s medical transcription records into a comprehensive summary. Each entry in the summary allows the reader to refer and view the original records through links.

Medical Records Summaries, Indexes, Reviews and Abstraction include the following important information:

  • History of Hospital admissions and discharges
  • Histories and findings, pointing out inconsistencies
  • History of treatment, prognosis and future medical care
  • Expert opinions related to causation, mechanics of injury, disability and apportionment
  • Deposition, legal documents and employment records

2. Medical Transcription

Acu Trans Solution’s expert medical transcribers have the ability to transcribe accurate, secure dictations and chart notes within 12 hours and often expedited timeframe. We specialize in medical transcriptions and have clear and routinely updated nformation regarding CPT and Billing codes for all fields of specialty including workers compensation and personal injury, mental health, internal medicine, specialty healthcare, diagnostics and surgical. Our medical transcriptions boast a 99% error free accuracy rate and we carry errors and omissions and professional liability coverage for your protection. We are able to access your EHR or We can access your EHR, and post the transcriptions directly to them.

3. Deposition Summaries

We have been accurately summarizing deposition medical transcripts with a 99% error free accuracy rate since 2006. Acu Trans Solutions provides concise summaries that extract relevant facts and data for you to distinctively master and reference. Our client’s deposition summaries are completed by an experienced medical transcriptions professional. We process summaries for healthcare professionals, insurance carriers, QME’s and AME’s accurately and quickly. We customize your summaries to your specifications to provide a comprehensive summary. The outcome is an interactive document organized to present each entry linked to the corresponding page in the original deposition transcript.

4. EHR/EMR Transcription

In a recent study conducted for Johns Hopkins, physicians who were utilizing EMR/EHR for documentation met with patients only 12% of their day and spent only eight minutes per patient. This study also found almost half their day was spent in front of a computer screen logging notes, ordering tests, and handling documents electronically. As a conclusion, the healthcare industry continues to struggle to figure out a balance between cumbersome administrative duties and providing satisfactory care to their patients.

By using Acu Trans Solutions outsourced solutions, you can have at least three to four more hours a day, everyday, enhancing your patient productivity at a fraction of the cost as compared to your valuable doctors time spent behind documentation and you can see more patients.

We have a HIPPA compliant, model whereby providers remotely dictate specific sections of the patient encounter which is then transcribed by us and the completed transcription is automatically inserted into your EMR/EHR via an encrypted interface and instantly placed into the appropriate sections of the patient notes. By reducing the time it takes to document a patient encounter, you can now spend more quality time with your patient.

5. Medical Histories

Acu Trans Solutions will provide accurate, relevant and detailed medical histories in an easy to read digital or hard copy dossier that will give you the information you need to deliver the best possible care to your patients. Acu Trans Solutions medical transcriptions professionals have the experience to know what is included in truly effective medical histories. Our medical transcription Professionals help you stay ahead of the questions insurance companies and attorneys will ask by providing the following information:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Prior injuries, accidents and claims
  • Past treatment history
  • Past medical and surgical history
  • Employment history and job duties
  • Mechanics of injury
  • Social and family history
  • Allergies
  • Activities of daily living
  • Current ailments and medications
  • Demographic information
  • Review of systems

6. Data Entry

Keep your databases current with automated services from Acu Trans Solutions. Let our team of professionals routinely document your notes, data, transcriptions, medical reports and histories so that you can free up internal resources, improve office morale, save money and stay focused on customer service. Acu Trans data entry services include:

  • Medical claims processing
  • HCFA1500/UB92/Dental claims forms processing
  • Text and numeric data entry
  • Data capturing from images
  • Handwritten data extraction and entry
  • OCR conversion and clean up
  • Forms processing

7. DFR/ PR2/RFA Transcription

Acu Trans solutions provides doctors with a standard template which you will fill out at the time of seeing the patient. You will not need to dictate those findings, our transcribers will incorporate all that data along with your dictation. Your findings and treatment plan along with all pertinent medical information will then be analyzed by our expert analysts who will prepare your Doctors First Report (DFR), PR2 reports and Requests for Authorisations that will have all the information available for the adjustors to approve your request for treatment. While preparing the RFA we will quote the relevant guidelines and insert appropriate CPT 10 codes for each diagnosis, everything will be clearly spelled out on the RFA. Our RFA’s are so accurate that they are approved easily by the adjustors without sending them to Utilization Review. We offer a fixed rate per report for most of the Workers Compensation reports.Contact us to know more about our fixed rate per report.

8. Family Practice Transcription

Family practice transcription services are critical for providing the information primary care physicians need to provide care for the whole family. Transcription services include radiologists report transcription, preventive medical reports transcription, allergy immunology transcription, comprehensive pediatric transcription, and injury reports transcription among others.

Acu Trans gaurantees 99% accuracy. Acu Trans employs a 2 tier transcription funnel formula, transcribing and editing so that all information provided is accurate and detailed in a simple to utilize summary. We have researched and implemented the most comprehensive technologies, human resources, and regulatory framework to deliver the highest quality reports. Acu Trans promises to deliver:

  • Experienced Medical Transcriptionists who have experience in Family Practice medicine.
  • Reliable and quick turnaround time.
  • High level of accuracy, over 99%.
  • Competitive pricing models.
  • HIPAA compliant, efficient and ethical standards of practice.

9. IME, QME, AME Transcription Services

Medical transcription examination reports are a vital part of formal medical procedures. In many cases they are required as part of the key decision making progress in medical and legal decisions and the information resulting from them is crucial. When physicians are called upon to conduct an IME, a QME or an AME, it is advisable that you have a transcription service provider on your side to support you 24/7. We provide 24/7 on call support. Using our Transcription services is a reliable and efficient way to maintain cost, reduce liability and effectively limit strain on your internal resources.

10. Social Security Disability Reports

It is crucial that Social Security Disability Reports properly identify and accurately detail patient history, mental status examination, diagnosis, apportionment and treatment plan. Acu Trans Solutions makes a commitment to the effective preservation and storage of SSD information. Our Transcriptions for Social Security Disability Records will allow you to submit the completed reports with confidence.

11. Workers’ Compensation PR2 Report Transcription Services

Physicians are required to provide a PR2 report for every follow-up appointment in workers’ compensation claims cases. The PR2 report details any permanent, stationary or future medical issues that might arise due to an accident as a result of or occurring at work. This report is a crucial part of workers’ compensation cases and will assist in determining the “value” of a case, meaning this report helps determine the legitimacy and extent of damages to a patients ability to be productive and return to work. The stakes are very high on both sides of a workers’ compensation claim, therefore it is imperative to have a neutral, non-bias party transcribing details accurately, efficiently and ethically.

12. Medico Legal IME Transcription Service

A Medico-legal report is an official document of the expert’s opinion on claims. The Medico-legal IME has to meet all ethical obligations. This report is used in formal and legal proceedings and must offer valid proof that the report is prepared with sufficient evidence to validate it’s claims. This is a potentially high liability area as it deals with issues like malpractice and patient consent for patient information and operations. The report has to be precise, accurate and credible. Acu Trans Solution Transcription Services support IME’s in properly preparing and documenting in a way that is neutral, efficient, and thorough.