Acu Trans Solutions is a medical transcription company with registered office in Irvine, CA that provides a high quality, quick-turnaround, and extremely competitively priced transcription service to Workers' Compensation clinics in the Medical Industry. Acu Trans Solutions gives the medical field a complete transcription solution. We provide a HIPAA compliant platform that utilizes the most advanced internet technologies to integrate a skilled workforce of transcribers into a full Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service. We create new efficiencies that save medical practices time and money. Acu Trans Solutions is your medical transcription answer, distinguishing itself through proven quality, price, deliverability, simplicity of use, and the most advanced file management system available.

We strive to deliver :

  1. 99% error-free transcribed documents.
  2. Extremely Competitive transcription rates.
  3. Total accountability for quality of service and support.
  4. Flexibility on medium for transcription. (Digital, Audio, or call-in system) What we provide at no cost to the doctor or facility.
  5. User Friendly Toll-Free Call-in dictation system.
  6. Secure HIPAA compliant Transfer & Retrieval of Files via our website
  7. Individualized quote comparing your current transcription.
  8. Personalized Service with the Quality and 12 hours turnaround time.
  9. 24/7 Customer Service.

We guarantee 99% accuracy and next day turnaround. On average we save medical practices 40% without any investment. Our system is proven, it's fast, and it's simple. Whether you need a temporary solution to overflow or a comprehensive total transcription solution, our global network is live around-the-clock to provide you with exceptional accuracy and turnaround time.